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FXIFY™ X Trading Central

Empower Your Prop Trading with Expert Insights from Trading Central

Make smarter trades with expert analyses, advanced charting, and professional insights from Trading Central – FREE with FXIFY.


Leverage the Power of Trading Central with FXIFY™

At FXIFY™, we’re committed to your success as a funded trader. That’s why we’ve partnered with Trading Central, offering you access to the market’s most powerful and intuitive trading tools – FREE with FXIFY™.

TC Featured Ideas
Access Personalised Forex Trade Ideas
Get actionable trade ideas for your prop trading based on your preferences, backed by technical and fundamental analysis. Dive deep into commentary and guidance on price targets and events across 300+ symbols.
TC Technical Views
Navigate the Markets with Confidence
Leverage Trading Central’s Technical Views (formerly known as Trading Central Analyst Views) for timely trendlines, pivot points, and robust technical analysis. You can also download and install it on your MetaTrader for free. Read our installation guide to learn how.
TC Economic Calendar 
Stay Ahead with Real-time Macroeconomic Data
Filter and track economic insights in real-time. Monitor 115+ FX charts mapped to different events and review historical price performance down to five-minute movements after every NFP announcement for 5 years.

Access Trading Central Tools FREE with FXIFY™

Log in to your FXIFY™ account, or simply create one if you don’t have an account to get started.
Head over to your prop trading dashboard and look for Trading Central tools, located on the left-hand side of your screen.
Start using powerful trading tools from Trading Central to enhance your experience as a funded trader with FXIFY™.
Learn How to Install Trading Central tools in your MetaTrader platforms.

What is Trading Central?

Trading Central (TC) is an award-winning fintech organisation that empowers traders with cutting-edge investment decision support. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals and artificial intelligence, it delivers real-time Trading Central signals and directional insights for smarter and faster decisions.

At its core, Trading Central is dedicated to helping traders and investors navigate the markets confidently. Its sophisticated trading tools and research are designed to speed up research and provide actionable trading insights, ensuring you’re always one step ahead in your funded trading game.

At FXIFY™, we believe in empowering our prop traders with the best. That’s why we offer these premium trading tools for free, seamlessly integrated with our dashboard and trading platforms, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful funded trading journey.


The FXIFY™ Advantage

At FXIFY™, we’re not just another prop firm. As one of the few prop firms backed by a broker with over a decade of industry expertise, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled prop trading excellence to our traders.

Instant Payouts On Demand*
Up to 90% Performance Split*
Unlimited Days*
True Market Execution
Raw Spreads from 0.0
Checked including Gold, and numerous FX pairs
No Trading Restrictions*
Backed by a reputable broker – FXPIG™

Trusted by Prop Traders Worldwide

Only been using FXIFY™ for a short time now but very pleased with there service so far. Evaluation dashboard is up there with the best I’ve used personally and updates very quickly when opening/closing positions and the information they provide on the dashboard makes its very easy to abide by their rules. The spreads on their broker FXPIG are also very impressive so far. I haven’t passed evaluation phases yet but I will update my review once I do and received my first payout.
Isaac Davies-Mclean
United Kingdom
Star Star Star Star Star
Extremely helpful and fair regarding issues experienced on platform, payout requests etc. Responses aren’t the fastest, but they get the job done and that’s what matters most. They are above board through it all. Keep up the good work!
Ian Bergstedt
South Africa
Star Star Star Star Star
I'm Japanese and my English relies on translation, but I took on the challenge and succeeded. They kindly explained any questions I had because I don't understand English. I think it's very good support! I will return the signed documents later, but I am looking forward to the activities.
Star Star Star Star Star
The trading environment is very good and real. I'm happy to have a regulated broker and to have several perks that I can add to the account. Payment on demand is a big "plus"!!! The support is fantastic and the site is very smooth! They always paid me on time, without any reason for complaint. The only downside I see is that the price is a little higher than other companies. Happy trading to all
André Jorge
Star Star Star Star Star
Have been with FXIFY™ for 4 months now, each and every month I have recieved my payout without any delay. Again, I made 11% profit on this account and I have received my first scale up of 25%. My account is now bigger with 25% increase. Bigger Daily Drawdown and bigger Max Drawdown now. Am short of words.
Benard Banda
Star Star Star Star Star
One-step funded experience is great. The best thing about FXIFY™. first payout request instantly with the live account. The competition is very interesting to participate. FXIFY™ has the quickest response to anyone's questions. Simply great. I am very satisfied with FXIFY™. Thank you guys. Keep up the good job.
Ibrahim Husnee
Star Star Star Star Star
Best prop firm trading in the industry!! Very happy with Fxify and would highly recommend any experienced trader to join the fastest growing most transparent prop firm out there! Fastest payouts, quick responses on discord specially , helpful team! Great rewards on affiliates too
Omar Khalaf
Star Star Star Star Star
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Take on our 1-Phase or 2-Phase assessments with account sizes ranging from $15,000 to $400,000 and unleash your prop trading potential with expert trading tools and technical analysis from Trading Central.

Trading Central FAQs

How does Trading Central work?
Trading Central is a leading provider of research and financial market analysis. By leveraging advanced technical analysis, Trading Central offers actionable trading insights and investment guidance. At FXIFY™, we believe in empowering our funded traders with top-notch tools and resources, and Trading Central is a testament to that commitment.
How to Install Trading Central?
Installing Trading Central is a straightforward process. Please read through our installation guide to get started. As an FXIFY™ prop trader, you'll be given free access to Trading Central tools. Navigate through your prop trading dashboard or your MetaTrader platform (if trading tools are already installed) to view detailed Trading Central technical analysis, charts, and trading insights. Utilise these insights to enhance your prop trading decisions and strategies.
How can I get free Trading Central technical analysis?
At FXIFY™, we believe in empowering our funded traders with the best trading tools and resources available. As such, all prop traders of FXIFY™ are granted free access to Trading Central. Simply log in to your prop trading dashboard. If you don't have an account yet, create one with us. Once logged in, you can find the Trading Central tools on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
How to get Trading Central signals?
Trading Central Featured Ideas delivers top trading signals by meticulously scanning currency pairs for patterns and key technical indicators. The tool showcases prime forex trade ideas, detailing the expected move, supported by both technical and fundamental analysis. Chart patterns are also distinctively highlighted, offering insights into their formation
Customise your views to filter only the most relevant forex trade ideas for your approach. Each analysed trade idea provides a clear trade rationale, presenting two target prices: an ambitious and a conservative one. This empowers funded traders with the flexibility to set their desired take-profit level.
What are the technical analysis tools available with Trading Central?
Our prop traders can easily download a wide range of Trading Central indicators, including Adaptive Candlesticks, Adaptive Divergence, Analyst Views, and more, directly from their FXIFY™ trading dashboard. These indicators can then be effortlessly installed on MetaTrader platforms. Accessing the indicators is as simple as double-clicking or dragging and dropping them onto your MT4/MT5 charts. Learn how to install Trading Central tools on your MetaTrader platforms simply by going over our installation guide, covering everything you need to know to get started.
How do I use Trading Central charts?
Trading Central offers meticulously detailed charts accompanying each featured forex trading idea. When you explore a suggested trade, you’re presented with a timely chart reflecting the relevant timeframe, showcasing the highlighted pattern or any other essential technical data.
You’re empowered with choices: monitor the trade, bypass it, or dive right in (always remember to log your decisions in your trade journal). For a deeper dive, our charting library provides intricate live technical charts enriched with insightful ovaries.
And for those using MetaTrader, the Trading Central Analyst Views indicator seamlessly overlays actionable recommendations and comprehensive technical data on live charts, ensuring you visualise your trades precisely and clearly.
Is Trading Central reliable?
Absolutely! Trading Central is a globally renowned market research company with a proven track record of delivering accurate and helpful trading insights. FXIFY™ simply partners with the greatest to ensure that our funded traders have access to dependable and reputable sources.
How much does Trading Central cost?
Trading Central tools are offered free for all our prop traders. Simply log in, or create an account if you don't have one, and access the trading tools for free, located at the left-hand side of your prop trading dashboard.
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