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Two Phase

The FXIFY™ 2 Phase Program is built for traders who can demonstrate consistent discipline over two assessment phases.

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Introduction to
Our Two Phase Program

With the FXIFY™ Two Phase Program, our aim is to identify committed traders who exhibit the necessary trading skills to succeed in this industry. Consistency, accuracy, and sound trading risk management skills are vital, as the trader will need to pass two sets of assessments in order to become a funded trader. Traders can also customise their program to their trading needs according to their strategy. We believe that allowing traders to customise their programs will help in their overall success of passing the evaluation.

Tailor Your Program

We appreciate that every trader and trading style is different. With that in mind we offer the opportunity to customise your trading accounts at the checkout.

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Increased Leverage
Trade with confidence and take advantage of increased leverage for your trading.
Extra 15% Performance Split
Maximize your earning potential by increasing your performance split on trading gains by 15%.  Traders who choose this addon will receive 90% of their trading gains on a funded account.
Bi-weekly Payouts
Our bi-weekly payout system ensures that you receive your earnings on a regular basis, without having to wait for long periods.

Top 5 Questions

Check out our most frequently asked questions here or click the link before to see all of our frequently asked questions.

What happens if you lose money in a prop firm?
Traders may be subject to risk limits, suspended trading, or even termination if they consistently incur losses beyond the agreed-upon limits.
What are the pros and cons of being a prop trader?
Pros include access to capital, training, and potential high profits. Cons include risk of losses, performance pressure, and profit-sharing with the firm.
Do prop firms really pay out?
Yes, reputable prop firms do pay traders a share of their profits based on agreed-upon terms and performance.
What is a prop trading firm?
A prop trading firm is a financial company that provides capital to traders (prop traders) to trade the firm's money in financial markets, aiming to generate profits for both the trader and the firm.
Why do you charge a fee?
The FXIFY™ fee exists as a charge to cover the services you are using whilst being an FXIFY™ trader. This includes but is not limited to, the Meta trader services and the services of the broker. The good news is that you cannot lose more than this fee as any potential losses on the FXIFY™ Account are covered by us. On top of that, the fee is always reimbursed back to the trader and is available with his/her first performance Split from the FXIFY™ Account. The FXIFY™ programme is a highly valued service we offer, and therefore it is reasonably priced.
Withdrawing Profits


Withdrawal On Demand

For the first payout, traders can request a withdrawal on-demand, as soon as the first trade on the live account is closed. There’s no minimum amount. No minimum days.

Thereafter, withdrawals are as frequent as every two weeks. This means that traders can choose to withdraw immediately or leave the account to compound and grow their account balance.

Up to 90% Performance Split

Traders can receive up to 90% performance split on their live accounts.


Experience an easy and seamless withdrawal process.


There are up to 15 different payout options to choose from.

On Demand

Traders can request a withdrawal on-demand for their first payout.

Everything You’d Expect From a Regular Broker, in a Prop Firm

Trade on MT4 or MT5 with a leading multi-asset Tier 1 true STP broker, and experience the best trading environments.

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RAW or All-In
Pricing Feeds

Choose between RAW or All-In pricing feeds depending on your trading strategy.

300+ Trading

Access a wide range of markets from Stocks, Metals, Indices to FX. We have something for everyone.


Our standard accounts have 30:1 leverage. Traders with a more aggressive trading style can upgrade to 50:1.


Select from widely used trading platforms in the market such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and DXTrade to conduct your trades.

Lowest Spreads in the Industry
Spreads Starting From 0.0
True Market Pricing & Execution
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