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Safeguard Your Funded Trading Gains – Introducing FXIFY Performance Protect

Prop trading can bring you life-changing gains, but let’s face it, the market can also be unpredictable. We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt the…

December 27, 2023
by David X
3 min

Prop trading can bring you life-changing gains, but let’s face it, the market can also be unpredictable. We’ve all been there.

We’ve all felt the frustration of the markets seemingly working against us, despite our relentless efforts. It can be incredibly disheartening when we’ve worked tirelessly to accumulate trading gains in our live-funded prop accounts. Breaching a drawdown rule and forfeiting all trading gains made up to that point only adds to the frustration. It’s a harsh reality that funded traders face. However, today, we have some exciting news to share with you!

Introducing FXIFY Performance Protect – a new feature designed to safeguard your hard-earned trading gains in the face of unexpected drawdown breaches. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of Performance Protect. So, buckle up and get ready to learn about this game-changing feature!

How FXIFY Performance Protect Work:

FXIFY Performance Protect is a unique feature designed to safeguard our funded traders’ accounts in the event of a drawdown breach. This prop trading addon offers account protection. It allows our funded traders to preserve their remaining trading gains and request a payout based on the agreed performance split, even if a drawdown breach occurs.

This innovative solution is especially beneficial for traders looking to protect substantial gains from potential drawdown breaches. With FXIFY Performance Protect, traders can confidently navigate the market, knowing their gains are safeguarded and they can continue to benefit from their success despite setbacks.

Calculation Example of FXIFY Performance Protect:

To illustrate how  FXIFY’s Performance Protect add-on works, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Starting Balance: $100,000
  • Highest Equity Reached: $130,000
  • Daily Drawdown (DD): -$6,500 (5% DD breached)
  • Ending Balance: $123,500

Without Performance Protect, the trader’s funded account would be closed, and all existing gains would be forfeited. This is not the case with FXIFY Performance Protect.

With the Performance Protect add-on, the trader can request a payout of the remaining gains, in this case, $23,500, which will be distributed accordingly based on the agreed-upon performance split. This not only saves the trader from losing all their hard-earned profits but also provides a safety net in the event of adverse market conditions.

How to Purchase FXIFY Performance Protect:

Prop traders at FXIFY can enhance their trading security with the FXIFY Performance Protect addon. Simply select the addon at checkout, priced at just an additional 15% of the evaluation fee. Remember, the addon must be purchased during checkout; it cannot be acquired separately upon advancing to the funded stage. By making a thoughtful decision from the start, you can safeguard your trading gains and benefit from them in your funded stage.

Secure Your Funded Trading Gains Today with FXIFY Performance Protect!

Setbacks are inevitable. Volatility and drawdown breaches can sometimes overwhelm even experienced traders. FXIFY Performance Protect acts as a protective shield in this regard, ensuring the security of your trading gains even in challenging times. Whether you’re a novice trader trying to navigate the markets or a seasoned trader looking to safeguard your hard-earned gains, consider the FXIFY Performance Protect as an account power-up.

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