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Pass Your Funded Trading Challenge with No Time Limits

You asked, we delivered. Trade with Unlimited Days on FXIFY’s funded trading assessments by default – FREE for new and existing FXIFY traders. No upgrades…

December 27, 2023
by David X
3 min

You asked, we delivered. Trade with Unlimited Days on FXIFY’s funded trading assessments by default – FREE for new and existing FXIFY traders. No upgrades or add-ons required.

Say goodbye to the outdated 30 or 60-calendar-day constraints for completing prop firm challenges. At FXIFY, all new and existing clients will now have Unlimited Days to complete their assessments. This means you will now have the freedom to take as much time as you need to meet the trading objectives in your FXIFY assessment and progress at your own pace.

With this update, you can focus on honing your trading skills without the pressure of strict time limits. We believe that giving you more control over your funded trading journey will ultimately lead to better results. 

What does this mean for our prop traders?

Simply put, many of our prop traders will experience less stress when trading with unlimited days in their evaluation stage. Making trading gains in Forex is no easy feat, and achieving a 10% return in one month can be challenging for most. Without the time pressure, our prop traders can now take their time to think about position sizes, wait for the right entry points, and let their trades run their course.  This will lead to more confident and accurate trading decisions.

Why the change?

At FXIFY, our aim is for our prop traders to succeed. After listening to the feedback from our community, we realised that time limitations were hindering their performance. We have made it our mission to remove any obstacles preventing our traders from reaching their full potential. By implementing Unlimited Days as a standard for all our evaluation programs, we are providing our prop traders with the tools to excel in their funded trading journey.

How does Unlimited Days work?

When you purchase an assessment at FXIFY, you will now automatically have Unlimited Days to complete each phase without any additional fees. No need to worry about running out of time or having to retry your assessments. Take your time and trade with confidence knowing that there are no time limits.

What about current prop traders?

The Unlimited Days offering will now be applied to all current and future assessments for our prop traders. No need to worry about time constraints anymore! This means you can fully focus on achieving your trading goals without any limitations.

We want every single one of our prop traders to benefit from this change. With the ‘Unlimited Days’ offering included for free in all your upcoming challenges, nothing can hold you back.

Join FXIFY and trade with no time limits!

Start your funded trading journey today with FXIFY and enjoy ‘Unlimited Days’ as a standard on all our One Phase, Two Phase, or Three Phase evaluation programs. We have the perfect account size for every trader, ranging from $15,000 to $400,000. Prove your skills, get funded, and request your first payout on demand with up to 90% Performance Split.

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