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One Phase vs Two Phase – Which Option Is Better?

As a trader, getting a funded account from a prop firm can be a great way to kickstart your trading career. The two of the…

December 27, 2023
by David X
3 min

As a trader, getting a funded account from a prop firm can be a great way to kickstart your trading career. The two of the most popular funded trading programs in the industry are the One Phase and Two Phase evaluation. But with two different options, how do you know which one is better for you? In this blog, we will explore the differences between these two programs to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding the Key Differences: One Phase vs Two Phase Evaluation

The FXIFY One Phase Program

The FXIFY One Phase evaluation is ideal for traders who want to take a fast-track solution to gain access to a funded account. You only need to pass one assessment to qualify for funding. There are no time limits to pass the assessment phase, which provides flexibility.

Key Highlights:

  • One-step evaluation: Prove your prop trading skills in a single assessment and become an FXIFY-funded trader.
  • Strict drawdown rules: Daily Drawdown limit of 5% and Max Trailing Drawdown capped at 6%.
  • Uses trailing drawdowns: Compared to a static drawdown, a trailing drawdown trails your daily equity and is updated at each end of the day.
  • Profit target of 10% for the assessment phase.
  • Best suited for experienced prop traders who can stick to low-risk trading and prefer a fast-track solution to trade our funds.

The FXIFY Two Phase Program

The FXIFY Two Phase evaluation features relaxed drawdown rules and aims to pinpoint traders possessing the crucial skills required for success in prop trading. With two assessments, it emphasises consistency, skill, and stringent risk management. Traders must demonstrate greater discipline and consistency throughout both phases to qualify for funding.

Key Highlights:

  • Two-step evaluation that emphasises discipline and consistency across two separate assessments before gaining access to our funds.
  • Lenient drawdown rules: Daily Drawdown limit set at 5%, Max Drawdown capped at 10%.
  • Profit targets: 10% for Phase 1, 5% for Phase 2.
  • No time limits for completing the evaluation phase.
  • Suited for traders demonstrating discipline and consistency with effective risk management skills.

Which Funded Trading Program is Best for Me?

Choosing the right funded trading program ultimately depends on your trading style, experience, and the degree of discipline you can exercise. Both assessment programs, the One Phase and Two Phase evaluation programs, offer distinct advantages tailored to different trading capabilities.

The One Phase evaluation, with its strict drawdown rules, is a go-to choice for experienced prop traders who prefer low-risk trading and a fast-track solution. On the other hand, the Two-Phase evaluation is geared towards prop traders who can maintain discipline and consistency across two separate assessments. Both funded trading programs offer account sizes ranging from $15,000 to $400,000 with no time limits in completing the assessment phases.

Additional customisation options are available for both programs. This empowers traders with the flexibility to tailor their experience to their specific needs and preferences:

  • Up to 90% Performance Split
  • FXIFY Performance Protect
  • Bi-weekly payouts
  • Increased Leverage, up to 50:1 
  • Choose between RAW or All-In price feeds
  • Trade on MT4 or MT5

Choose. Trade. Get Funded.

Get started today with FXIFY – choose your preferred funded trader program with account sizes ranging from $15,000 to $400,000, and tailor your prop accounts to meet your specific needs. Kickstart your funded trading journey with an industry-leading prop firm, built by traders, and backed by a broker with over a decade of industry experience.

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