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Max Lot Size Calculator

Max Lot Size Calculator

This tool will allow you to calculate the largest position available based on the account balance and asset you're looking to trade, based on no open trades.

We don't have any lot size limits. Your limit is your margin.

The estimated max lot size you can place is

xxxx lots

This is based on the account balance being $xxx,xxx, no open positions and XXXXXX example price of $xxxx.xx.

Here’s the calculations:
xxx,xxx (account balance) * xx ( indices leverage) = xx /
xxxxx (current xxxx price) = xx.xxxxxxx (USD position)
/ xx (contract size)
= xxxx lots
We are sorry but our price API provider experiences issues and we cannot complete the calculation for you. Please try again later.
Please check if you used the correct asset symbol.
Please note:
This tool is for example purposes only. As your balance and the price of the asset changes, the max lot size will change.
Do your own due diligence to ensure the prices are correct. The above list is also not an exhaustive list of our available assets and are for demonstration purposes.
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