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Get Funded Faster With FXIFY: Introducing Trading Central

Being a forex trader, you understand the challenges that come with prop trading. Even experienced forex traders encounter obstacles and struggle to make consistent gains….

February 5, 2024
by David X
4 min

Being a forex trader, you understand the challenges that come with prop trading. Even experienced forex traders encounter obstacles and struggle to make consistent gains. At FXIFY, we are dedicated to supporting our traders and equipping them with the necessary tools for success. That’s why we’ve partnered with Trading Central, one of the leading fintech organisations in the industry.

Through this partnership, we can offer our forex traders access to a wide range of powerful trading tools, comprehensive research, and advanced technical analysis to improve their chances of success. This article aims to cover everything you need to know about Trading Central and how their trading tools can boost your trading game. That said, let’s get started!

What is Trading Central?

Trading Central is a globally renowned fintech organisation that provides top-notch trading signals to financial institutions, traders, and investors. Founded in 1999, Trading Central has built a strong reputation for empowering traders and helping them make better-informed trading decisions. Their services are now available through FXIFY for free, allowing our traders to benefit from their expertise and insights.

With Trading Central, you can access some of the finest trading tools, including Technical Views, Featured Ideas, and Economic Calendar. Let’s explore more about these tools below. 

Technical Views

Unlock more trading opportunities with Trading Central’s Technical Views tool. This tool enhances clarity with market trends. It showcases timely technical analysis across hundreds of forex currency pairs and aids traders in making informed trading decisions. Some of the features and benefits of this tool include:

  • Actionable insights by senior analysts and AI: Benefit from clear and actionable technical analysis from senior analysts with decades of expertise and the power of AI.
  • Clear pivot points and price targets:  Easily identify key levels of support and resistance, as well as potential price targets for your trades.
  • Personalised Trading Insights: Tailor the tool to suit your trading style and preferences. Filter by timeframes, trends, and more.

Featured Ideas

Explore featured forex trade ideas and trading signals from Trading Central. Tailor the trading insights to suit your preferences and trading style, allowing them to seamlessly align with your strategies. This trading tool is perfect for traders seeking to enhance their forex trading strategies. It offers technical analysis and actionable trading insights.  Here are some of the key features and benefits of this tool:

  • Real-time market insights:  With regularly updated forex trade ideas, technical analysis, and trading opportunities, traders can stay ahead of dynamic market movements in real-time.
  • Interactive Learning: Navigate through different trading instruments and delve deeper into any forex trade ideas. Understand why an idea was identified, anticipate price action, and engage with an interactive chart that tracks the idea in real-time.
  • Easy-to-understand technical analysis: Hover over any pattern name to gain insights into its formation, implications, and essential facts that could aid in your decision-making process.

Economic Calendar

Stay ahead of key market events, news, and economic insights. The Trading Central Economic Calendar tool is essential for traders who rely on fundamental analysis to make trading decisions. Here’s what you can expect from this tool:

  • Customizable filters: Filter through economic events by country, impact level, and event type to focus on the most relevant news for your trading strategy.
  • Real-time event tracking: Stay updated with global economic news as it happens. Set up personalised alerts on your calendar and track events across hundreds of your favourite FX pairs.
  • Historical data analysis: Dive deep into historical price performances. Analyse movements down to five-minute intervals following every NFP announcement or other economic news for the past 5 years.
  • Impact and volatility analysis: Understand how different economic news impacts FX pairs with Trading Central’s powerful impact and volatility analysis tools. Assess the potential impact on your trades and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Access Trading Central tools for free with FXIFY by simply signing up or logging in to your trader dashboard.

Begin Your Funded Trading Journey With FXIFY

Elevate your forex trading strategies with Trading Central tools – free with FXIFY. Choose between our One Phase, Two Phase, or Three Phase evaluation – pass, and get funded up to $400,000 in forex trading capital. Benefit from up to 90% performance split on your trading gains in your funded stage and request your first payout on demand with FXIFY.

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